COMITATO EX UMBERTO I Protests Waiting on Private Initiatives for “Hole” the Mestre City Center



As the COMITATO EX UMBERTO I we continue to be astonished by the constant twists and turns of this municipal administration regarding the issue of the “HOLE” of the ex-Ospedale. For years we have supported a public interest in the area as a common asset, important from the historic, urban, social and economic point of view.

This importance cannot be linked to market fluctuations, to the contingent convenience of a private investment, as the social risk of a possible bankruptcy (of which we have already witnessed with the first buyer for years), could have repercussions as it already has on the entire community of Mestre, producing deterioration for the citizens and an economic crisis for the nearby stores.

Moreover, as we have argued for years, the area should be urbanistically “designed” to respect the historic conformation and the elements that are part of the identity of the city of Mestre, to give them the minimum of respect it is due, even after the scars it received in the past.

Anyone who thinks of Mestre as a city cannot ignore its face, its river and its social fabric, lacking a natural “center” which for a century was lively with thousands of people in transit for work, health, treatments, business and professional work. We cannot tolerate a “mutilated” city center of 4 hectares as if it was something normal.

In 2019 we asked the Municipality, which had the necessary resources for its acquisition to purchase the area and to elaborate an urban recovery plan for the city, the economic activities that could be included and its inhabitants.

We were told that the interests of the citizens coincide with those of the private enterprises and that the administrations had no reason (!!!!!) to acquire the area. The private sector would do it all very well on its own, for everyone.

Now De Martin talks as always, as if he was a real estate agent or the representative of a builders’ association, speaking of “costs, investments, balancing the books” on behalf of the company. He forgets that he is the representative of a public body that just recently flaunted having the merit of a budget surplus, and that it wanted to use the public money in Tessera for the construction of the BOSCO DELLO SPORT (the project is being ratified today), to build up an agricultural area with serious of traffic and pollution problems for the community of Tessera itself, while the center of Mestre is in a state of abandonment.

This is justified by private inertia, as if we had asked for it.

De Martin forgets that he personally presented a bogus “Masterplan” during the election, just two days before the 2020 vote.

It is unbelievable that there have been no redevelopment works and that the pavilions have not been made usable for an “immediate” acquisition when the Municipality has the area restricted for public use since its first seating, not having fixed a brick of those pavilions!! While for years we have denounced their serious state and the danger that the structures might even collapse!

De Martin is not thinking about Mestre. Mestre is not a city to take care of for this administration. It’s a city to be “covered”. Of continuous lights. To sweep the dust under the rug.

The economic problems of the citizens, crime, drug addiction and social decay are not an “investment to square the accounts with rising costs”; they should be the goal of administrative activity. Perhaps De Martin should never have been a public administrator.

Finally, we don’t want to linger over the latest promise from Ali until (if) it becomes concrete. Too many promises have left us in doubt.

We are also announcing our new initiative in development. We are building an exhibition on the hole of the ex-Umberto I and on the CONTINUED LIES of this administration, which have accumulated over the years. We’ll let you know about it as soon as possible.


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