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Why do we need a Campaign? What problems does Venice face today? This site aims to help answer those questions, starting with this summary:

  • The lagoon, and the foundations of the city itself, are being destroyed by waves from too many boats that go too fast.
  • The Venetian population is being forced out of the city due to high rents and lack of available work.
  • The stock of residential buildings is rapidly converting to Hotel or B and B.
  • Too many cruise ships bring far too many day visitors at far too high a cost to the city.
  • The MOSE project, designed to save the city from higher sea levels, will not work, after an expenditure of 6 billion Euro.
  • The vast majority of money being made in Venice from tourism and transportation does not stay Venice, leaving the city unable to finance all its needs.
  • Because Venice is part of Mestre, Venetians are a permanent minority voting bloc in their home city.

For a more detailed summary, please consult (and share) our Brief Guide to the Crises in Venice.

The Campaign For A Living Venice seeks to demonstrate international support for Venice and its Citizens, who are organizing and working towards a sustainable future for Venice, and the preservation of a unique and special culture.

The purpose of this this site will be to bring news and views from Venice as both citizens’ groups and the government consider how to approach an extremely complex and serious problem. News update will appear on the Blog page.

We hope you will sign our CFLV Statement of Support for the Citizens and City of Venice, and then please pass it on to others you know. Thanks so much for your support.

To learn more about what is happening in Venice, and why we’re running this campaign, please watch our new Campaign Video:

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