Bosco dello Sport: Martini writes again to EC President Von der Leyen to Stop Project

Martini writes again to EC President Von der Leyen to Stop the Bosco dello Sport: “It is not possible to let this go forward. Public money is being thrown away, and the needs of the citizens are not being met”


The accusations made by the Municipal Administration against Italia Nostra are inadmissible – certainly not the Association’s action to stop the Bosco dello Sport. We have almost reached the paradox of the Commissioner for the Environment talking about “disruption” of the City Council’s work, a term that seems borrowed from the economy, as if it were a disrupted auction.

However, if we want to go along with the Administration member’s language, then it is never too late to “disrupt” the majority councilors and open their eyes to what they are enthusiastically supporting. The Municipality of Venice will spend its own funds and take on debt to build a stadium and a concert arena for private use and consumption, on agricultural land, and increasing traffic (only 50% of the spectators are expected to arrive on public transportation). This is a waste of the opportunity represented by the PNRR funds, rather than using them to respond to the primary needs of the citizens: affordable housing and good jobs, possibly not all and only in the tourism sector.

As we continue to consider it incredible that all this is happening, we have once again written to the president of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, who has already shown attention towards our first letter about the issue. We are asking that this project be stopped for the improper use of public funds it entails. The citizens need to know that their institutions are investing in their interest and not in private interests.

Giovanni Andrea Martini

City Councilor

Vice-president of the VI Commission


Gruppo consiliare “Tutta la Città Insieme!”

Comune di Venezia

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