Costs for Sports Arena and Stadium at Tessera Increase by 24 Million Euro

More expensive materials have already added 20 million to the project’s budget. Now Councilor Zuin has announced a new budget variation for over 4 million euro to pay for the Bosco dello Sport

14 February 2023

By Mitia Chiarin

From 283.5 million euros the total cost has already reached 308 million and 262 thousand euros. Cost overruns due to price increases for materials mean the figures for building the so-called Bosco dello Sport in Tessera with a stadium and indoor arena are increasing.

The high costs of materials had already become clear in December, with the presentation of the project at the center of a planning agreement between the Municipality of Venice and the Metropolitan City, and 20 million euro of cost overruns added to the budget by the Brugnaro administration. Now a new budget maneuver worth 4,276,000 euro is required, Budget Commissioner Michele Zuin has confirmed to the commissions meeting to discuss ratification of the agreement. This brings the total price increases of the project so far to 24,762,000 euro.

The Extra Costs

The commissioner also provided details of the price increases. 2,600,000 more for the urban development work; another 420,000 extra for the forest itself; 4,276,000 euro for the 16,000 seat stadium and a full 17,465,000 extra for the 10,000 seat arena that will host Reyer’s basketball games as well as concerts and shows.

Who Pays

These figures have alarmed opposition councilor Marco Gasparinetti, who asked for an accounting of who will cover these costs. “The State will pay based on a fund established for covering extra costs of the Municipalities,” the offices specified.

“The fear was that they would tap the funds of the special law, which we are all asking to be refinanced. In the end Pantalone will pay 24 million more… it seems like reliving the story of MoSE”, commented the councilor.

Zuin Is Not Worried

Zuin does not appear concerned. The project is financed with 93.5 million of the PNRR and on the municipal front by the 17 million frozen under a special law for airport transportation, from 300,000 euros from Pon Metro, and 95 million in mortgages (the interest rates that are growing everywhere are another cause for apprehension. Nardin has that the 29 year mortgage with CDP will be adjustable) and 77.6 million from the budget surplus.

Zuin says that IVA recovery and the purchase of the lands of the Casino will take care of mitigating the cost increases.

Zanella Attacks

“The Cittadella dello Sport, euphemistically called “Bosco dello Sport” is a project of pure and simple speculation, and it must be stopped”. This according to Luana Zanella, leader of the Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra in the Chamber, which has sent a detailed interrogation to Minister of the Environment Pichetto Fratin to ask for the safeguarding of the area north of Mestre that is involved, between the town of Tessera and the Dese river, protecting the agricultural lands. Zanella is very critical: “We must stop this project”, she concludes by appealing “to the Minister of the Environment: is it possible that you don’t have the safeguarding of Venice at heart?”

Expropriations and Transportation

Giuseppe Saccà, leader of the PD group has asked for information on the costs of the expropriations and on the discussions between the Municipality and RFI about at stop at the stadium for the train to the airport. The Urban Planning Director Gerotto, present with Councilor De Martin, explained that there are discussions and that he had already seen a preliminary design. Saccà urged that the project be presented for review to the councilors.

Source: La Nuova di Venezia e Mestre

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