Updates on Coronavirus in Venice and Veneto


[Ed. Note: this post is a grouping of three stories – the numbers of the outbreak, the effect on tourism in Venice and a new political angle]

Coronavirus: 133 cases in Veneto, but 69 don’t have symptoms

The most recent update bulletin from 6:30 this morning: there are 29 recovering, of which 8 are in intensive care.

28 February 2020

There are 133 cases of positive tests for Coronavirus in the Veneto region, according to the most recent update from the Regional government at 6:30 this morning. Of these 69 are asymptomatic, while a total of 29 are recovering, of which 8 are in intensive care. 13 new cases have been registered since the bulletin at 18:00 yesterday evening.

The outbreaks of Coronavirus in the Veneto

The largest outbreak remains the one in Vo’ Euganeo, with 59 cases (5 new), followed by Treviso with 23 (one new), then Venezia (10, one new), Limena (9, unchanged), Mirano (5, unchanged) and Vicenza (3, unchanged); another 23 cases (6 new) are not associated with outbreaks. Three people have been dismissed and are in isolation. The number of deaths remains at 2.

Source: Venezia Today

Venice is deserted, the tourists have fled

With the Coronavirus outbreak tourism in Venice has all but ground to a halt. Beyond the numbers, this gallery of photos from La Nuova Venezia tells the story even better; clear streets and empty restaurants. While the scope of the health damage that Coronavirus will do is still unclear, the economic damage this is doing to many in Venice, so close on the heels of the floods and the big downturn then, is much easier to grasp.


Source: La Nuova Venezia

Zaia stirs up controversy with the Chinese

Meanwhile, Veneto President Luca Zaia has unleashed a controversy by saying that Chinese people eat live mice while he was being interviewed on television:

“The controversy is mounting over a phrase that the president of the Regional administration of Veneto, Luca Zaia, who was visibly tired after a week of the “coronavirus emergency”, uttered during a television interview in which he explained the lower incidence of the virus in Veneto as compared to China as being due to the “Veneti’s sense of cleanliness. We have all seen the videos of Chinese people eating live mice. That does not happen here”.

The statement has elicited a formal protest from the Chinese ambassador to Italy. President Zaia, for his part, has apologized for being “misunderstood by some and willfully exploited by others”.

Source: La Nuova Venezia

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