Coronavirus in Veneto: Carnevale di Venezia is over. All forms of gathering banned from today.


Coronavirus: new ordinance announced by Governor Luca Zaia minutes ago. Here are the essential points. (Ordinance signed by both Minister Speranza and President Zaia).

23 Feb. 2020

In the entire Veneto region:

“Events already in progress will go until completion to avoid problems of public order. After today’s last event clears out, there will be a total absence of public events, including holidays, of any form of gathering, public or private, through March 1. This measure may eventually be repeated.

Schools of all grades and levels are closed until March 1. Also closed will be museums, cinemas and any other place of public or private gathering. Markets will be closed, and group activities for recreation, sports, social or any other reason are all suspended.

All public transportation will be disinfected, including Trenitalia and water transport.

At the moment there is no news about “patient zero”. Moreover we have two patients recovering in the historic city of Venice that concern us a good deal because they have no clinical history related to the Chinese community or to people who come from infected zones. We are therefore checking on the people who saw the couple most often.

With this ordinance we ask for the understanding and the cooperation of all citizens. This is not an easy moment, however, with the information we have today we can still hope to contain the infection. As of today there are 25 cases in Veneto.

The ordinance takes effect immediately; I believe it will be in full force by midnight tonight.”

Source: La Voce di Venezia

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