MoSE will not work


[Ed. Note: what follows is a chronological list of all the stories related to MoSE that have been published on this site over three years. In light of the recent news that test scheduled for Nov. 4 has been scratched due to excessive vibration, I thought a reprise of these stories would be useful. They seem to point to one inevitable conclusion: MoSE will not work. It will just keep being delayed.]

Oct 30, 2016  San Marco will flood even if MoSE works: “Unacceptable, the world will laugh at us.”

Nov 6, 2016  50 years after the “Acqua Granda”, today experts say: MoSE will not save Venice.

Oct 11, 2017  MOSE, the History of a Failure: “an anthology of horrors”

Apr 12, 2018  Debts and litigation for the giants building MoSE

May 18, 2018  MoSE. There is still an alternative.

May 22, 2018  MoSE, now we should make it “disappear”

Jul 8, 2018  MoSE, 210 million Euro more required. Completion delayed until 2020.

Jul 11, 2018  MoSE, cracks in the caissons: underwater integrity at risk

Mar 29, 2019   Work on MoSE will not be completed in 2021

May 10, 2019  MoSE: valves don’t hold water – a thousand parts to check and replace

Jul 5, 2019  MoSE’s hinges are corroding and must be replaced. 34 million Euro bid to find the solution

Aug 30, 2019  MoSE, six million euro more for the dams



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