G25A releases 2018 Calendar – proceeds going to housing in Venice




A Calendar To Help With Housing

Month by month, the demonstrations of the group. Public notice on 3 January

On a vaporetto, on the steps of the Basilica della Salute, in the campi, in the shade of the gardens; but also at Arsenale, or at the Sale Apollinee of La Fenice, or – more theatrically – from the windows of the palazzi, with sheets sewn by day and unfurled at night, to see what effect they have.

Month by month, page after page, Gruppo 25 Aprile records their efforts for future memory so that they accompany Venetians in 2018 and try to move what remains of the city. Twelve photographs for twelve months, signed by Gian Luigi Vianello, Stefano Barzizza, Phillipe Apatie, Julia Nikitina and by Marco Gasparinetti – spokesman for the organization – for a calendar which recalls holidays important to Venetians, those which have miraculously escaped the tourist shredder, and sold to finance a project related to housing.

Three thousand Euro is the sum that has been collected in these past few days thanks to those who preferred this calendar to that of Miss Italia. Printed in limited circulation and by reservation, produced by Etra Communications by Alessandro Toso Fei, the calendar joins the year to come with images of the varied demonstrations organized in 2017. On 3 January the association will release details of the public notice regarding the allocation of the money as a contribution toward housing.

“100% of the revenue produced will be exclusively dedicated to this end, and this is the reason that we have not employed any middleman for distribution, which has been entirely handled by our volunteers” it says on the Facebook page of the organization. “The idea is that this is the first step of a long series. For this first edition we did not seek sponsors, but this possibility could be taken into consideration for next year, once the charitable aim of this operation becomes public with our press conference of 3 January and everyone can evaluate if they share its spirit”.

-Manuela Pivato

Source: La Nuova Venezia, 28 Dec. 2017

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