To combat the depopulation of the City: Gruppo 25 Aprile presents their calendar and Call for Applications


The application is for the award of a contribution towards housing in Venice made by Gruppo 25 Aprile. A sum of 3000 Euro is to be given to someone who is seeking housing in the City. The deadline for the submission of applications is 31 January 2018, and the address to which applications should be sent is

“The ranking – said the group’s spokesman, Marco Gasparinetti – will be based on a transparent scoring system. We want to create an alternative to this vision of the City which is not ours, also sending a message to the administration which has somewhat disappointed us”

Living in Venice

“Given the growing difficulty in finding a home in Venice – we read in the notice – where the real estate market is dominated by tourist properties and the labor market is ever more characterized by a tourism monoculture, which only with difficulty can offer professional opportunities that can compete equally with those who only engage in speculative activities (second homes and short stay lodgings), and considering the difference in prices compared with the mainland, which represents an obstacle for those who wish to stay, return or move to Venice, the XXV Aprile Venezia Association has decided to give, as an experiment, a contribution to housing which will be awarded based on the criterion for adjudication described in the Call for Applications.

The sum to be awarded

“The amount awarded is equal to a maximum of 3000 Euro for notary fees in the acquisition of a first home or for a security deposit for a primary home of long duration (4+4 or 3+2) in central Venice. By “central Venice”, for the purposes of this notice, we mean the Venice sestieri and Giudecca, as well as the other islands the make up the Municipality of Venice. Excluded from this Call for Applications are the spokesman of the group and the members of the directorate of the XXV Aprile Venezia Association, as well as their direct relatives, brothers and sisters, cousins and partners.

Also excluded are people with a gross annual income of greater than 50,000 Euro and those who already own property wherever it may be situation, with the exception of shared homes that come from an inheritance, with a maximum of one fifth ownership of the inherited property”.

Publication of the Notice and of the ranking of the applicants

“The Call for Applications and the form for signing up are published on the web site starting 3 January 2018. The provisional rankings will be made based on the applications received via e-mail by and not after 31 January 2018. Supporting documents for the people in the top of the rankings will be due in the 4 weeks following the publication of the same; that is by 28 February 2018. In case of false or misleading declarations, or missing supporting documents, the ranking will be revised and republished, and documents will be requested of the second list”.

Criterion for judging and scoring

“For each application received a score will be assigned, which sum will determine the position in the ranking, determined based on the following criteria:

  1. Situation of eviction due to expired lease in the Municipality of Venice: 50 points;
  2. A new lease contract in the sense of Article 1, arranged or to be arranged during the current year: 30 points;
  3. Mortgage for a first home contracted during the current year: 30 points;
  4. Single income nuclear family: 30 points;
  5. Performing artisanal work in central Venice: 20 points;
  6. Be a commuter to or from central Venice, due to chosen profession: 20 points;
  7. Employees with a net annual income of less than 20,000 Euro: 20 points;
  8. Children enrolled in any of the schools in central Venice: 10 points;
  9. Be a native of Venice but resident elsewhere: 10 points.

Application for this contribution does not imply nor does it require membership in the association or group. In order to guarantee transparency and impartiality in the awarding of the contribution, the ranking and the points assigned to the applications will be published on the web site Applications received after the deadline (midnight 31 January) will not be considered”.

Source: Venezia Today/Gruppo25Aprile, 3 January 2018


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