2,000 People Dance and Sing at the ‘No Grandi Navi’ party.

The ‘No Grandi Navi’ groups staged yet another protest against the traffic of large cruise ships in the Bacino di San Marco and the canal of Guidecca on Sept. 25, 2016. According to organizers, this time a ‘party’ was chosen, with 2,000 people along the shore of the Zattere to delay the six cruise ships waiting to sail on their tours. This was instead of the direct naval blockade protests that have been staged in past protests.

The event was attended not just by committees and their members, but also by many citizens with their children. It was a colorful day marked by banners, balloons, music and appearances by local groups as well as music star Eugenio Finardi.

No incidents of any kind were reported during the event.


Source: La Voce di Venezia, 9-26-2016

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