Ilaria Borletti Buitoni on Tourism: “There will surely be a quota placed at Venice”

Speaking at the beginning of the World Tourism Expo in Padova, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage Ilaria Borletti Buitoni said; “Surely sooner or later there will arrive a quota for tourists in Venice, then we will see how and in what way.” After mentioning the idea of promoting visits to less popular “completely empty” parts of the city, Borletti Buitoni continued; “Tourism should be managed like any other thing. considering the predictions of exponential growth, therefore a fragile city like Venice can do nothing other than take on the future management of the flow of tourists, and this is what the world and UNESCO ask of Venezia. There is a Mayor, elected by the citizens, and the first step belongs to the local institutions.”

Borletti Buitoni went on to emphasize the burden of responsibility on the local government and Mayor Luigi Brugnaro; “…there must be a way, and it must arrive from the City government… if the City government responds to UNESCO it does not matter if it is hard to initiate. My opinion is the Venezia should have very special rules… it is a city that has no equal in the world, and therefore should be treated like Berlin or any other place. Her salvation will come only when it is recognized that she is exceptional.”

Source: VeneziaToday, 9-23-2016


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