Hard Times Ahead for some City Employees in Venice.

What follows is a letter to the editor published in Venezia Today:

“I felt I should bring to everyone’s attention what is happening in the City of Venice.

I speak for my self, but there are many of us who in a little more than two months will be left at home. The City of Venice has had us work as temporaries for many years, and now there is no will to keep us. It seems nonsense when we see that there are many retirements, services for the citizens that are diminishing, people with ‘permanent posts’ who cannot work on a computer nor open or work in an Excel file. And… we see refused that which should be a right for everybody to at least have a life of dignity.

I am embittered, demotivated and I don’t know what I face ahead. How do I care for my family? Who will give me work at age 50? And with health problems.

It is certain that crazy thoughts have come to my mind, but I am trying to live in the hope that our dear Mayor Luigi Brugnaro can give us a nice surprise. Or who knows if it will be the government to see “we will stabilize the temps”?


Source: Venezia Today, 9-26-2016

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