2015 Venice Annual Tourism Report: visitors up 6.5%. New Public debate on Tourism announced.

The 2015 Venice Annual Tourism Report was released today at a press conference conducted by City Tourism Assessor Paola Mar, at Ca’ Farsetti. The detailed report showed yet another increase in annual tourist visits. American visitors were the highest percentage, at 12%, followed by the UK and France. A new public initiative was announced as well, with an opportunity for public input for detailed proposals;

“The Commission today – explained Councillor Giorgia Pea, President of the Sixth Committee – begins the participatory process aimed at addressing the theme  of tourism  so important for the city. On this subject, it will open a public debate in the Council Commissions in which, through systematic analysis and illustrations, it will provide opportunities for citizens, associations, organizations and stakeholders to present their proposals. Participants must send an e-mail to commissione.sesta@comune.venezia.it, enclosing a draft-board which identifies, for each proposal, regulatory profiles, areas of intervention, economic conditions and timing of implementation. They are essential to be able to compare and evaluate them carefully.”

Source – Venezia Today, 9-22-2016

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