Venicemyfuture: 6 sestieri, 6 meetings in 6 months.

On Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016, Venicemyfuture conducted the first of 6 meetings to be held in each of Venice’s 6 sestieri in 6 months. The first meeting was held in Castello, and involved speakers from nine different citizens’ organizations as well as representatives of the local government.

In their announcement for these meetings, spokesperson Marco Gasparinetti writes: “From here until February there are only 6 months, what do we intend to do? 6 months, 6 sestieri… we will organize one meeting per month, sestiere by sestiere, to elaborate a series of requests and proposals which finally give answers to the too many unresolved problems: a list of concrete measures, realistic and realizable, to… obtain something positive for Venice and her Lagoon… Good governance is finding adequate responses. If those who Administer do not find them, then as citizens we can: A) be silent and submit B) suggest and propose. We will try. Without illusion and without resignation, because now is not the time for resignation.”

The first meeting was very well attended. The next meeting date and time will be announced in the near future.

Source: Gruppo 25 Aprile



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