International Summer School announced for Padua and Venice


[Ed. Note: I’m happy to help announce another excellent initiative connected to Progetto Rialto. This is open to international students – the brochure is linked below, so please share if you know anyone who might be interested.]


The program offers a broad reflection on the topic of regeneration of market spaces and production sites by analyzing their history and impact as a cultural heritage, also in terms of sound landscapes. The Summer school schedule includes three different types of activities: introductory lectures (which will focus on substantive content and methodological tools); an in-depth analysis of some important interventions developed on European market areas (among the others: London/Smithfield, Padua/the ‘Piazze’; Florence/the Market of San Lorenzo, Turin/ the Market of Porta Palazzo); and finally, a more practical component (field work) that will consider the Venetian case of Rialto.The project works, developed by all participants under the guide of teachers and research assistants, will constitute a proposal for the cultural regeneration and reorganization of the activities around the Rialto market, including the so-called ‘Fabbriche Nuove’. This large building along with its pertinent surrounding spaces are currently empty and of uncertain destination. Through these several activities, participants will be asked to reflect on the complex dynamics and mechanisms of the urban history while dealing with present experiences and case studies, but also to produce hypotheses for the future.Lectures and workshops will take place in Padua (University) and Venice (Ugo and Olga Levi Foundation). Class and laboratory activities will be accompanied by visits to specific sites of the two cities, collections (archives and museums), and artisan shops. These small tours will allow participants to explore and compare economic strategies, spaces and real architecture in connection with relevant historical sources in order to reconstruct the history and structure of market places.

Universities and institutions involved: Museum of London; University of Antwerp; Université Lyon 2; London School of Economics; City Transformation Agency Barcellona; Université de Rouen; University of Cambridge; Save Europe’s Heritage; Université de Tours; I Tatti, The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies; University of St. Andrews; University of Portsmouth , Venice in Peril

Summer School Brochure

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