Coronavirus emergency: All of Italy is now a “protected zone”. Conte: “Time has run out. All gatherings must stop”

9Mar2020Posto di blocco Coronavirus-2

Prime Minister Conte holds a press conference this evening: from midnight the provisions announced yesterday for Lombardia and 14 provinces will be extended to the entire peninsula. No sports events until April 3.

By Gianluca Anoè

9 March 2020

All of Italy is becoming a protected zone. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the drastic measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus this evening. The restrictive measures imposed yesterday on Lombardia and 14 other provinces have therefore been extended to the entire peninsula. It was a good time to reiterate the need to stay home and avoid any type of gathering.

“We must change our habits”

“Time has run out – said Conte – the numbers say that we are experiencing a significant growth in those infected, those in hospital intensive care, and in deaths. Our habits must change now. We all must give up something for the good of Italy. We must do this immediately, and we will succeed only if we all cooperate and adapt to the stricter rules. If the health of the citizens is in jeopardy then we are forced to impose sacrifices on other interests. I am about to sign a provision that we can call “I’m staying at home”. Italy will be a protected zone, and movement should be avoided throughout the peninsula”.

Conte: “No gatherings or events”

The Prime Minister once again emphasized: “We need to avoid all groups in public locations. We understand the desire to socialize. I have seen pictures of the nightlife, people drinking outside the closed bar. We cannot permit gatherings”. Also confirmed during the press conference was the stop to all sporting events until April 3.

Source: Venezia Today

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