Silvestro, the historic haberdashery of via Garibaldi, will not close. The story of a beautiful gesture.


6 January 2020

Like a Christmas gift, Silvestro has not closed. A bit of good news that had already come to the citizens of the area in December: the business, primary for residents and Venetians, has been “saved”.

Silvestro, the historic haberdashery of via Garibaldi, of the sestiere of Castello, and of all Venice, appeared to be destined for closure on 31 December. The increases in rent being requested were too high for a business so “popular” (in a good sense) and the owner had decided to let go of 100 years of the store’s history and his family’s work there.

However, before Christmas: the good news. A sort of early gift: Silvestro would not have to close, but would move into a neighboring shop, still with a storefront on via Garibaldi.

“Silvestro isn’t closing…”, the rumor spread quickly among the residents that had seen, since December, the movement of merchandise and boxes.

And, as far as is known, this was an event in complete harmony with the spirit of Christmas.

The biggest worry regarding the closure, in fact, above all concerned the shop assistant. The woman would have found herself without a job after many years at the store, where she worked with seriousness and superior skills as a knitter and seamstress that everyone has always appreciated.

Because of this the owner of the property made every effort to find an alternative solution to closing the store, and ended up deciding to give a part of a neighboring bar to “host” the new Silvestro.

Certainly the space is a bit more restricted than before, but the most important part of the story is its “human” aspect.

A bar that gives part of its space, and therefore part of its income, perhaps eliminating some slot-machines, to give a space to a business that is important for the citizens and that risked disappearing from Castello and from Venice, saving the work of an employee, is a very noble gesture and a deed that goes against the current in this world that is dominated by economic gain.

It goes without saying that the news is very auspicious for the beginning of a new year, and has revived the enthusiasm of residents and Venetians.

Since December, in fact, everyone who has passed in front of the store and learned of the good news instantly joined in a group spirit of solidarity that only “traditional” Venetian residents can demonstrate on certain occasions, participating in a beautiful, spontaneous salute:

“Grazie Silvestro!”.

Source: La Voce di Venezia

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