Intense campaign for Referendum ends with eight public debates in two weeks

November 30, 2019

As I write the campaign for the Referendum in Venice has ended, and one day remains before the vote. The past few weeks have seen an extraordinary effort to provide information from all sides of the issue. Many different groups and organizations in both Venice and Mestre hosted events with prominent supporters of both Sì or No. Including the televised discussion there were eight public events about the Referendum in just two weeks.

Considering that all of these events (Nov. 16 – 27) happened during the acqua alta crisis, the effort that must have been involved in making these events happen is even more inspiring. As a tribute to that effort, and also for those of you who don’t follow Venice’s politics on Facebook so may not have seen these, here is a chronological gallery of event notices, and where possible, photos of the events.








Ateneo Veneto





Photo and graphics are from the public Facebook pages of the following organizations, some of whom are in the picture above:

  • Movimento Venezia Autonoma
  • Gruppo 25 Aprile
  • Movimento Autonomia di Mestre
  • Gruppo Civico Mestre-Venezia Due Grandi Città


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