Venice: Brugnaro lowers fees

VeritasBills for waste collection are being cut, with lower rates for families, neighborhood stores and small businesses. The Assessor: this is a measure designed to help residents.

By Francesco Bottazzo

Nov. 22 2018

[Ed. Note: It’s nice to come back from a break and have a good story to report. This change to the Tari has long been wanted by Venetians, especially after earlier increases in this same fee instituted by Brugnaro as well.]

VENEZIA: Venice is reducing fees. Bills for waste collection will be cut by an average reduction of 2.7%, and reaching 5% for larger families of five or six people. “We want to demonstrate to the citizens – explains the Budget Assessor Michele Zuin – that after having balanced the books of the City we can begin lowering taxes”. Ca’ Farsetti emphasized that they are further supporting local residents by reducing the waste collection fees by 30% for neighborhood businesses (food, fruit vendors, fish sellers, florists). For small businesses, (clothing, tabaccherie, artisans) the discount is 20%. One example above all exemplifies the impact of this on a budget: a fruit seller with a shop of 90 square meters will pay 6890 euro this year, while next year he will pay 4821. “It is an effective and significant reduction in taxes for a substantial part of business activities with the aim of helping to mitigate the effects of the economic crisis and at the same time to revive a sector which is crucial and fundamental for the urban fabric and therefore indirectly for all the citizens”, points out Zuin. And to slow the spread of take-away stores the administration has decided to raise their bill to the maximum, a rise of 15%, considering the greater volume of waste they produce. The plan will cost six and half million Euro, which will come from the visitors tax, which this year will put almost 2 million Euro more in the City’s coffers.

Source: Corriere della Sera

2 thoughts on “Venice: Brugnaro lowers fees

  1. In Venice you can not leave garbage in the street and you cannot have small containers outside your building; you have to deliver garbage bags to a few containers nearby. if you live in San Maurizio square close to San Marco you have to walk for 7 minutes with the rubbish in hand to reach the nearest one. The City council and who decide these rules live in the mainland and countryside and it is not able to understand the problems we face in Venice. In June 2017 We sent a letter with the signatures of the people living here for having a collection container closer but we never received any answer and we have to walk for 7 minutes with our garbage.


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