International Media Reporting on Venice: Gruppo 25 Aprile featured in TV reports

What follows is a recent release from Gruppo 25 Aprile about their involvement in recent reporting on Venice by foreign media.

Oct. 10, 2018

Speaking of us: International Press roundup

If the attention of national and international mass media is an indicator of credibility and trustworthiness, or at least of a capacity to communicate about complex subjects in a way that is understandable, these last few weeks have been full of satisfaction for us.

To avoid losing track of them, we offer here the links to watch or review the reports about us on important television networks in France, Switzerland and Germany. We also indicate when they were broadcast and point out the part which regards us directly.

-Das Erste (the main channel of ARD public television in Germany) 2 October:

-France 2 (the main channel of public television in France) 13 September, early evening, starting at minute 12:


-Radiotelevisione Svizzera Italiana (RSI) 16 August, beginning at minute 5:

In the past two years we have also worked with:

BBC1 (early evening), the German-French channel ARTE, the main television channel in Russia, the main channel in Sweden and Al Jazeera.

More interviews are on the way. We will publish the links here, to keep a record of work undertaken: these are national television networks, and behind each minute of broadcast are often hours and hours of retakes which are then “cut” and assembled in editing.

A warm THANKS to the journalists who, in reporting on Venice, sought to go beyond the superficial and who in our opinion succeeded, with their work of investigation and close examination:

-Karl Hoffman, prize winning journalist in Germany, for the broadcast “Report” (Das Erste);

-Nolwenn Hervé and the whole team at “Envoyé spécial” (France 2);

-Flavia Baciocchi, for Radiotelevisione Svizzera Italiana;

-Lisa Braito for ProSeiben (private national television), the link to which is not available due to issues related to the author’s rights.


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