The “Veneziani house” in Campo de la Bragora: “Soon President Musolino will visit us”


On Sunday Gruppo 25 Aprile inaugurated their new space next to the church: “An open space which will host activities, debates and discussion. It has no political affiliations, not even with the coming election”

“This is not a space dedicated to political debate, neither is it a place that was created in support of or in opposition to a party for the coming elections in the city in 2020”. This is what Gruppo 25 Aprile wanted to emphasize Sunday afternoon, at the inauguration of the association’s new space in Campo de la Bragora in Castello. “It’s an open space for cultural activities, games for children, for debate and for discussion: it is the culmination of all the volunteer work being done by those who have Venice at heart”, explained Nicoletta Frosini.

“Change Venice”

Doors and windows are open in the building next to the church of San Giovanni in Bragora. There is singing, food and drink. The structure, the association promises, will become a meeting place for Venetians who are not satisfied with the conversations and the exchange of opinions on social media. “Online communication is often cold and limited”, explains Nicoletta. There is already a list of events in this new space for the coming weeks. “We are beginning with Sundays in October and November, discussing water traffic and the survival of Rialto. At the end of November our guest will be the President of the Venice Port Authority, Pino Musolino, not only to speak about cruise ships, but also of the value of the port for the city, its economic, logistical and employment contributions, and to speak about the Lagoon as a whole”. A public meeting place without memberships or banners, a: “Veneziani house”, concludes association spokesman Marco Gasparinetti, while a song provides the background for the day, saying “We want to change Venice”.

Source: Venezia Today, 7 October 2018

Photo: Veneziamiofuturo (FB)

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