New home found for evicted elderly woman


Citizens mobilize to prevent the woman from being put on the street after the home where she lives was sold for use as a tourist rental.

Good news: there is a positive resolution to the eviction of a 74 year old woman in Celestia due to cancelled lease. The woman was at risk of ending up in the street after the apartment where she has lived for 54 years was sold at public auction. The new owner intends to convert the property to a tourist rental, like two other properties he owns in the same building.

Fine, because a new home has been found for the lady, who is also caring for a son who is confined to a wheel chair by a degenerative disease – although they will have to stay with a friend for some time.

“The signora left the apartment on Wednesday, and according to access data, has returned the keys via our union”, commented Matelda Bottoni, secretary of the Tentant’s Union, who met with attorney Paolo Vianello, who represented the owner. “There is an excellent prospect for an alternative home to be available very quickly. This was found in cooperation with the institutions. This proceeding has been very trying for the signora and has caused much stress, but she is hopeful for a happy ending, which we hope will come in days”.

The case of this elderly woman was at the center of a demonstration by the Agenzia Sociale per la Casa and Gruppo 25 Aprile to support the union’s effort to stop the planned eviction of the apartment using public forces. Assessor for Housing Luciana Colle and ATER got involved in the days following the incident. An emergency provision for a new home for the woman was found.

“The owner’s intention never was to put an elderly person out on the street”, said attorney Vianello, “but in order to make a property that has been purchased available, it is the role of the City to help assign new housing to the resident. To this end we have granted four postponements of the eviction over a course of seven months. Certainly the housing crisis is a very serious problem in Venice, but the solution cannot be left to the private citizen”.

The housing crisis remains serious: only yesterday there were 3 evictions, with residents who emergency extensions until September.

Source: La Nuova Venezia, 27 July 2018

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