Everyone to the Fish Market: a Veneziamiofuturo initiative to support the Rialto Fish Market

Veneziamiofuturo launches campaign to bring Venetians back to the fish stands. The PD calls for organizing a meeting with the Administration: “We will protect the history of the city”

#PescariaRialto is the hashtag being used by residents to invite people to support the businesses of the Venice Fish Market. It’s an initiative aimed at revitalizing, from the grassroots, one of the activities that is symbolic of Venice. “There are people who get up at 3 in the morning so that we can always have the fresh catch of the day – points out Marco Gasparinetti, representative of the group Veneziamiofuturo – The appeal is, on August 3 and 4, to go buy fish at Rialto, a gesture that is healthy and good for the city”. Much like many other businesses dedicated to the residents, the fish market is in the midst of a crisis that is worsening over time. Ten years ago there were 18 stands, now this has been reduced to half of that, and two others are for sale. “We hope that the politicians will get the message and offer structural responses”, concluded Gasparinetti.

“A meeting with the Administration is urgently needed”

On the political front it is the PD who is giving voice to the needs of the businesses: “This market has not only commercial value, but is part of the historical tradition of our city, a heritage which we cannot lose. Furthermore, it is necessary to defend one of the small markets still servicing residents. We call for arranging a meeting with the workers of the Fish Market and the city Administration”. This message is signed by Giorgio Dodi, Emanuele Rosteghin, Monica Sambo and Nicola Pellicani of the PD and Giovanni Pelizzato of the Lista Casson.

Source: Venezia Today, 3 August 2018

Photo: Veneziamiofuturo via Facebook

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