Where in the World is Brugnaro?

We are informed by Marin Starnudo, the ever vigilant government watchdog of Gruppo25Aprile, that the Venice City Council has not met since February 23 due to the Mayor’s many recent absences. The result is that when they do meet again, on March 30 at 3 PM, there will be 83 points of order to address, not counting a thicket of requests that remain, alas, without answer despite the deadlines having passed.

Given the aforementioned ‘thicket’ of unanswered requests and the many pressing matters facing the city that Mayor Brugnaro professes to work “18 hour days” managing, we had to wonder: Where in the World is Brugnaro?

Fortunately Marin Starnudo has this covered, and we report here the Mayor’s itinerary for March, as gathered (by our man Starnudo) from the Mayor’s quite active social media accounts:


March 2 – 5: worn down by work from the just ended Carnevale, the Mayor demonstrated to the People that nothing can weaken his physical resistance, facing a perilous journey – skiing at a lodge called Kreuzbergpass.

March 6 – 7: the Mayor moved on to Brussels to deliver a memorable discourse of a good three minutes at the “Eurocities” summit.

March 8: no tangible sign of his presence, but no one doubts his presence in the City.

March 9: at a conference regarding the future development of hotels at the seaplane base of Vignole, at Borsa di Milano.

March 10: filmed a promotional video with Red Ronnie.

March 11 – 12 (Saturday and Sunday): spiritual retreat at Mogliano (TV).

March 13 – 17: He who in these days finally honored us with his presence left to posterity few milestones: his presence at the Mestre Art Awards (March 13), and a press conference and video interview with the Schitto (March 15). Deliberations with the Administration, projects to consider or other tangible signs of activity of governing: none were received by this editor, we beg your pardon. In exchange we have taken note of his public commitment to create a “blind trust”, which sounds like the very first admission of the risk of confusion between public and private interests, until now denied but amply documented.

March 18: Brugnaro traveled to Mira to help launch the Mayoral election campaign of a ‘friend’.

March 19: departed for Brazil, where the new Hero of Two Worlds is cultivating important economic interests, and from where he will return on time for the City Council meeting of March 30.


Marin Starnudo tells us that he does not judge, he only recounts and that is enough. We’ll say the same, and allow our gentle readers to form their own opinions about the whereabouts of the Mayor, and the suitability of the resulting 35 day absence from City Council.

Thanks to Marin Starnudo and Gruppo25Aprile!

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