#Venicemyfuture’s sixth and final Meeting of the Sestiere is set for Jan. 20. Requests and proposals gathered from residents will be presented at Ateneo Veneto, 5 PM

Plans for the ‘meeting of the month’ are well underway as the date of #Veneziamiofuturo’s final meeting of the series of six meetings in the six sestiere, in six months. A growing list of guest speakers will be in attendance, but Mayor Brugnaro’s office has never replied to the invitation.

There is a sense of urgency behind this effort, spurred into action by UNESCO’s decision to place Venice on the World Heritage Endangered Site list if key points regarding tourism, environment and depopulation were not addressed. Thus far there has been no response from any level of government. Now at the brink of the deadline, Feb. 1, 2017, the proposals which are generated by this remarkable and completely independently run series of meetings represent concrete, achievable remedies for ongoing, unresolved problems.

We’re fortunate to be able to share a preview of this effort here on our site. The detailed document for the meeting will be available on this site in the near future. For now, here are some introductory paragraphs:

“The proposals conform to the criteria which were specified at the beginning of the cycle of meetings: we are not asking for the moon, we do not want to create illusions or engage in demagoguery; the criteria by which we are inspired are those which translate to requests that are concrete, actionable and realistic. To the elected representatives in the Institutions we ask that each one do their part, and that they do it immediately, because Venice feels besieged and the situation does not allow for any further delay.

The discussion at Ateneo Veneto will permit discussion of some “priority” proposals, and to refine others, situating them in a unified vision of that which is necessary and urgent to give a future to Venice: we will not speak of long term but of things that can be done immediately, before it is too late; the rest is material for a ‘program of governance’ for anyone who wants to run for office in the next election. This preliminary draft will be published on our Facebook page and on our web site to collect comments and suggestions from those who participated in the meetings (over 500 people) and also those who did not.

The cycle of meetings in the sestieri, including the concluding meeting at Ateneo Veneto, was entirely self-financed by the citizens, without any support from parties or mayors, business or cooperatives, public entities or Foundations. We do not have a label and we do not want one, ours is only a movement of opinion that has preferred a different approach from the ‘recipes’ that come from on high (often formulated by people who do not know the city): proposals born of daily contact with the city, sestiere by sestiere.”

-Source #Veneziamiofuturo

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