Brugnaro prefers Trump and Russia, calls Venetians “Pandas” who are playing victims.

“Individual freedom comes from work” – Luigi Brugnaro

Mayor Luigi Brugnaro, in an interview with Il Gazzettino, declared his affinity for incoming US President Donald Trump and his desire to open up markets with Russia. Asked about any parallel between Brexit, Trump and his own election as Mayor, with support coming from the suburbs and from outside the cities, Brugnaro declared: “It is there where there are people who know what it means to work, to build wealth and profit with their own sweat. The suburbs are the places for the middle class.” He then went on to accuse Venetians (citizens in the historic city) of playing victims: “Someone has decided that a true Venetian exists. In practice it is a panda. But what is a Venetian? They say that the city is emptying but there are many students who live in Venice.”

At the end of the interview, RAI Uno vice-director Gennaro Sangiuliano promises to cite Brugnaro: “I liked your phrase ‘individual freedom comes from work.’ I’ll use that in my next book.”

-Source: Il Gazzettino Jan. 14, 2017

Ed: “Arbeit macht frei”, Mayor Brugnaro?

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