Municipality of Venice, Murano and Burano approve a Plan for Managing Tourism: “Tourists, reservations required and groups of 25”

The Municipality’s proposal: no more than 50,000 visitors a day, with a card for services.

VENEZIA: A maximum of 50,000 visitors a day, a halt to new hotel and tourist accommodations and a limit of 25 tourists for each organized group in order to prevent clogging up the calli (alleys) and vaporetti. Yesterday the Municipality of Venezia, Murano and Burano approved, with 15 yes, 4 no and 3 abstentions, an agenda with its own formula against the excessive pressure of tourism. The proposal is for a system of required reservations and of payment that is independent of the method used for arriving in the city. With the collection (but the ticket should not cost too much) the resulting monies could be used for example for maintenance and the removal of refuse. Each person who makes a reservation would receive a ‘decalogue’ of best practices for living in the city and obtain a reservation card for concessions on transport, museums and local artisan shops.  The Municipality requests a halt to adding new beds for tourists, limiting the possibility of renting an apartment only to those who live in the city and instituting a system of taxation that is higher for those who rent to tourists.

The document is the result of months of work: it was started last April 6 with a public assembly in Sala San Leonardo where seven plans for managing the flow of tourists were presented. The following months were dedicated to meetings with associations and groups. (Municipality President) Martini is critical of the commitment of the Brugnaro administration: “After our meeting in April, the City acted, up until now there have been 17 city commissions costing 30,000 euro to pay for the presence of the Councillors. The only trace left is that they were regular. Perhaps the citizens’ money could have been spent differently. The impression is that the City is losing time. Our document wants to be a stimulus to the City because it is active, and everyone should take their own responsibility – we are sounding the alarm and proposing solutions, the Administration cannot wait any longer.”

Yesterday evening the document was voted in session, with the ‘no’ of a minority that considered it a wasted occasion. So commented Pietro Bortoluzzi: “There need to be meetings and commissions to arrive at a shared document, we have voted no because the problems are grave and need to be resolved. Instead the majority has made a vague document that the City will not even consider. “

Source: Corriere Del Veneto, 1-12-2017

Italia Nostra’s response:

On Tourism Venice is Hostage to the Mainland

Yesterday afternoon, January 11, the Municipality of Venice, Murano and Burano approved with a large majority a surprising document.  It addresses the management of tourism in Venice, and the document collects and uses the major part of the proposals made by citizens and associations (including Italia Nostra) during the 17 hearings on tourism held in the last two months in the City. One knows, from long experience and from already having heard many times the thoughts of the Mayor and Assessors on the subject , that these proposals will be ignored by the current City Council. However, they express without any doubt the desires of the residents and voters of Venice, Murano and Burano: they were voted with a large majority (17 yes, 4 no, 3 abstain). One can therefore say that the voters of Venice want to limit the flow of tourists, but those of the mainland, pushed by different interests, are impeding this.

Source: Italia Nostra – Venezia, Facebook 1-12-2017

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