Gruppo 25 Aprile’s New Year Press Conference previews Jan. 20 meeting with a list of proposals and requests

Gruppo 25 Aprile held a New Year Press Conference on Jan. 2, 2017, previewing their final meeting of the six sestiere, to be held in San Marco on Jan. 20, 2017. At the meeting some of the proposals and requests that have been gathered in the first five meetings were outlined. The following news report gives the details:


Make a future for Venice? It can be done with regulation


Good intentions, but above all concrete actions. Yesterday afternoon Gruppo 25 Aprile began the year with a list of tasks and proposals, presented at the café of the Rossini Cinema. The association, promoter of the movement Venice Is My Future, returns to the fray.

Unesco: On the first of February Unesco should receive from the city a plan with proposals regarding tourism and on housing, otherwise Venice risks losing its status as a World Heritage site. According to spokesman Marco Gasparinetti, the city administration has not yet prepared any document: “We know that at the end of 2016” he said “a letter was sent from the Unesco office to the City staff, asking for a response. If the City wants to use some of our proposals, they are available. We do not want Venice to end up in the international press as being on the black list of Unesco.”  A network of Unesco cities, such as Corfu, is being formed, which are uniting to make requests together.

Meeting: After having heard the requests of citizens from each sestiere, the group has drawn up a list of twenty requests which will be presented on January 20, on the occasion of the final meeting in the final sestiere (San Marco) at Ateneo Veneto. This occasion will seek to have an impact, with many guests such as Regional President Luca Zaia, Five Star Movement’s European parliamentarian David Borelli and Gian Angelo Bellati, secretary of the Unioncamere del Veneto. The Group says it has extended an invitation to the Mayor (Luigi Brugnaro) or one of his delegates, but has not received a response. Gasparinetti has announced that at the meeting a request will be made to unite the referendum for Veneto autonomy with the referendum on the separation of Venice and Mestre.

Regulation:  Among the proposals, the regulation of the historic center stands out, such as has already been enacted by the Florentine administration. This involves a document with many points, such as the privilege of artisans and shops over supermarkets, a rule already included in a clause of the ‘Bolkenstein Directive’, which can be invoked in the name of saving a place or location. Such a regulation could be done directly by the city.

Boat Berths: Gruppo 25 Aprile asks that the proclamation for boat berths, signed in 2013, be put in to action as soon as possible: “We have the maps of the canals with 200 berths free,” declared Gasparinetti, “The rule says that every two years there should be a call. Instead the last call dates back to 2012: we ask that these berths be for Venetians.”

Laguna: The association asks for a traffic station that can monitor pollution, and a review of the vaporetti: “They should be modernized,” said the spokesman, “it would cost about 60,000 Euro per vaporetto. The city must manage water traffic: ACTV is an investor.”

Waste Fees: Given that the (recent) raise (in waste disposal fees) depends also on the loss of surface space, and the fact that at Venice many properties are rented ‘in black’ (without paying fees and taxes), Veritas is asked to cross-reference the use of water with the amount of waste declared, as has already been proposed by the 5 Star Movement. “If we lower the Waste Fees for those who rent to residents or for long periods, one could consider instead abolishing or reworking it for those who live here.”

Other Proposals: A ban on changing use of property (from residential), home assignments with automatic renewal (proposed by Social Assembly for Housing), nautical education in the schools to prevent boating accidents, and security cameras in Ruga degli Oresi.

Source: Nuova Venezia, by Vera Mantengoli, Jan. 3, 2017


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