Venice Educators and Teachers March Against Mayor Brugnaro

Almost five hours of marching that went from the station at Santa Lucia and reached Campo Manin and the gates of Ca’ Farsetti: the morning of Nov. 15 from 8:30 to 1:00, Venice was crossed by yet another colorful and noisy demonstration of teachers and educators from nursery schools and kindergartens, furious with the polices put in place by the city government.

Chanting along with their steps the chorus “round and round, Brugnaro falls down” the teachers armed with banners, megaphones and flags succeeded in grabbing the attention of all of Strada Nuova. In fact at least 200 people took part in the march (out of a total of 300 teachers) such that only three schools in the area were able to open. “If the mayor thinks he has closed this issue with a letter then he is badly mistaken – representatives of the groups shouted under the window of the first citizen – we will continue to come here to make ourselves heard; we will give him grievous company for a very long time if he refuses to listen to us.”

La manifestazione con le maestre,...

Source: La Nuova di Venezia, 11-15-2016

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