Venice drops below 55,000 residents, on Saturday there will be a march against the exodus from the city.

The initiative is called “#Venexodus – will we take the trouble?” and is promoted by with 15 other citizens’ groups.

A demonstration to bring attention to the depopulation of the city and ask for solutions to stop the “exodus”. The number of residents in Venice has dropped below 55,000, and Saturday, November 12 the historic center of the lagoon city will see a demonstration in defense of the right to live in the city.

The march is being organized seven years after another initiative that brought the decline of residents to the attention of the world, at the time just below 60,000. It is being promoted by the group, which has been joined by 15 other citizens’ groups: Generazione 90, Masegni & Nizioleti, Awakening, Garanzia Civica, Giovani Veneziani, Ambiente Venezia, Venezia Cambia, comitato No Grandi Navi, circolo Manin Tommaseo, assemblea sociale per la casa, Murano Viva, movimento per l’autonomia di Mestre, Gruppo 25 Aprile, Ultimi Veri Veneziani e Biri Biri.

The date is set for 11:30 in campo San Bartolomeo, in front of the ‘contabitanti’ (resident counter) the instrument which for years has indicated the depopulation of the city. The invitation from the organizers is to show up with suitcases in hand. The march will go, in fact, as far as Ca’ Farsetti, to simulate the departure from Venice, and to ask for measures and solutions to stem the phenomenon of depopulation. There will also be the departure of someone dressed as the Doge, in a gondola, who will abandon Venice with luggage in tow.

According to the promoters the number of residents  crossed the line below 55,000 on Nov. 7, based on numbers provided by the City. The demonstration, which will be preceded Thursday by an assembly in campo San Leonardo, and by two other surprise events, was presented Wednesday by Matteo Secchi, of, and by representatives of the other groups.

“I am happy”, commented Secchi, “to see so many Veneziani fight to defend the city. Alongside the demonstration we have offered our analysis and a series of proposals, to give to those in control suggestions of measures against the phenomenon of exodus, that need to be taken, because we have arrived at a moment in which we cannot move forward. A city without inhabitants does not exist: if in 2010 we had become a sort of Disneyland, now we are beginning a new transformation. Venice is becoming like Pompei, a beautiful monument of stone with no one inside. There are as many possible measures as one could want: what is missing is the will to confront the problem, because the exodus could be stopped tomorrow.”

Source: Venezia Today, Nov. 9, 2016. Images,

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