International Forum Considers Options for Venice

Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro attended a Forum that included Mayors from many other cities, where they discussed strategies and organizational options for welcoming tourists while respecting the residents of the city.

Ideas discussed included:

-placing a limit to the number of visitors on a given day to San Marco and other vulnerable monument sites, perhaps by issuing passes.

-charging a 3 Euro ticket to day visitors to the city

-creating financial incentives for property owners to rent to citizens and not tourists.

-limiting the overall number of tourists per day to 83000, or one per citizen of the city, the islands and the mainland.

-developing incentives and events that attract visitors to less well known and less visited areas of the city.

Mayor Luigi Brugnaro does not favor a ‘fixed number’ of visitors, but rather is encouragingĀ  a ‘new philosophy’ for the City. Along these lines he proposes to consult with business and cultural interests in the city as well as to take in to account recommendations that come from Universities.

The forum proposes to meet annually to take stock of the situation.

Source: La Voce di Venezia, 9-9-2016

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