Short-Term Tourist Rentals: “Seeking rules for survival”

“Alta tensione abitativa” extends beyond the Venetian perimeter, and creates a network with other Italian cities to share a proposed law to govern short-term tourist rentals, and will host a national even on March 18 at Palazzo Franchetti in Campo Santo Stefano

March 11, 2023

VENICE. “Alta tensione abitativa” is getting warmed up for March 18, when Venetian citizens, associations, architects, urban planners and legal experts will come together with other Italian cities such as Florence, Milan, Naples and Padua in a single national network in support of a proposed law for the regulation of short-term rentals and tourist leases. It’s a step in a journey that several groups, including Do.Ve., have shared since the legal amendment by parliamentarian Nicola Pellicani led the lagoon city to become a city where today the local institutions can regulate tourist rentals.

A study was released in Rome last year that was the result of work in various cities that share the problem of high housing tension. This report became the basis for constructing a legislative proposal in collaboration with the Veneto Region, through the involvement of regional councilor Elena Ostanel (Veneto che Vogliamo). “To date – commented the spokesman for Venetian association Do.Ve, Giovanni Leone – the City seems to have ground to a halt both when it comes to regulating the numbers of tourists as well as of the market for short-term tourist rentals. It cannot be possible that San Paolo has more places for tourists than for residents. It has never been our intention – continues Leone – to demonize hosting and rentals related to tourism. We are saying that they need to be governed so that they are compatible with the life and the space of the people who inhabit and live their lives in the city. Up to now this has been an unregulated segment, and the distress that has resulted is the theme that connects different cities and contexts”.

March 18, at the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere e Arti in Palazzo Franchetti, Campo Santo Stefano 2847, will also be a moment for sharing practices and experiences, to “learn to moderate the negative impacts on the cities”, explains the spokesman for Do.Ve, and the meeting will also include contributions from other cities such as Barcelona, Amsterdam and Paris.

Source: Venezia Today


Official Announcement from ATA:

Alta Tensione Abitativa Venezia invites you to “reverse the trend”!

A meeting of cities with High Housing Tension to present a proposed national law that would allow the regulation of short-term tourist rentals and the support of residential housing.

The proposal is the product of a coordinated, in-depth work involving legal experts, architects, urban planners and residents. First presented on March 6, 2022 at the Toniolo Theater in Mestre on the occasion of the screening of the film “Welcome Venice” by Andrea Segre, the proposal has been modified and refined in a process of discussions with administrators, experts and inhabitants from other cities that have felt the need to establish rules for a phenomenon that has no rules today, despite the fact that it drastically affects the life of our cities.

During the national meeting, which has this time been expanded to include international experiences, the results achieved to date will be presented and next steps will be indicated.

Administrators and committees/associations from other cites will be speaking at the event, from the cities of: Bologna, Genoa, Florence, Milan, Naples, Padua, Rimini and Trento in addition to Venice. Several European cities that have already regulated the phenomenon will join us as well.

During the meeting some unpublished works from the film “Welcome Venice” will be screened in the presence of the director.

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