Mayor Brugnaro Insults Councilor Sambo at First In-Person Council Session: Opposition walks out in protest

Opposition councilors walked out of the session in protest of the insults hurled by Mayor Brugnaro at councilor Monica Sambo: “You should wash your mouth out” and calling her a liar

10 November 2022

By Vera Mantengoli

During the first in-person city council session after two years of meetings via remote, the opposition (except Cecilia Tonon of Venezia è Tua), walked out of the session in protest.

During Mayor Luigi Brugnaro’s speech, the first citizen harshly attacked councilor Monica Sambo, ending up shouting phrases like “When you attack the Administration you should wash your mouth out” or “She is the lady of poems”, accusing the councilor of being a liar.

In the Mayor’s outburst he referred to an episode from during the election campaign in which Sambo’s parents were accused of having poured buckets of water on Fuscia group flyers, an episode which turned out to be unfounded.

“We have asked President Damiano to intervene to say that insults should be avoided, but she just said to get back to work. It is unacceptable that someone address a councilor like this and insult their relatives. These attitudes should be condemned, otherwise we lack the basic respect required for any dialogue” said the opposition, leaving their desks in council empty.

-Source: La Nuova di Venezia e Mestre

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