Citizen demonstration has been called against the Entry Ticket, planned for 19 November at 16:00, starting from Campo Santa Margherita.



20 October 2022

We say it strongly and clearly: the entry ticket is not and can never be the solution to the consequences of mass tourism in Venice – such as the lack of housing, dignified jobs, and the many problems connected to mobility and transportation, sustainability and health, to cite only a few.

For years now this administration has worked towards a well-defined objective: transform Venice into a theme park. This long and fast arc is reaching its apex with the introduction of a measure that will force us to demonstrate that we are citizens who have permission to circulate in our own city.

This truly cannot not be the choice for the city. Can a project that on one hand claims to want to improve the livability of the city, but which in reality only represents a major limitation to the freedom and privacy of those who live in Venice really be called a solution?

This is the scenario in which we risk finding ourselves in January: to be registered as citizens, as if we were extras in a theme park! The entry ticket also involves a reservation for every person who wants to come to see us, the need to communicate their name, up to the absurdity of having to pay to spend time together in one’s own city together with friends and relatives. Your out-of-town uncle wants to come visit? Your partner isn’t a resident? University friends want to spend a weekend at your house? Your son-in-law is passing through the city for a night? You’ll have to register them to demonstrate that they don’t have to pay a fee to enter the city.

Not to mention the commuting workers and students who don’t have the chance to be residents because of how hard it is to find a home with a residential contract: the difficulties for these people will be even greater.

The large public gathering at the Rialto market at the end of September demonstrated that this is not the city that we want. This is not the solution to mass tourism. The city does not want the entry ticket, and any proposal in this sense should be withdrawn.

We want to make ourselves heard, to unite our voices, to say that we will not stand by and witness yet another step towards the transformation of Venice into an amusement park.

We’ll be in Campo Santa Margherita on Saturday, November 19 at 16:00, for all of us to say that this is not what we want for our city!

Next stop: Venice a Museum? No thanks!


Source: Public Announcement/FB

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