State Police Union: Security on Lido di Venezia Has Been Completely Abandoned

17 July 2022


In the middle of the summer holiday season, again this year, a total absence of security reigns on the island of Lido, this because it has been completely left to fend for itself by Questore Masciopinto. The past two nights, as has happened for at least one out of every three times that the control of the area has been the responsibility of the State Police, it was not possible to deploy the “Lido 22”, the squad car assigned to patrol the island, as called for by the Plan for Control of the Territory.

The reason for the absence of the police car in recent nights?

The unavailability, due to the celebrations for Redentore, of the ACTV ferry that would have transported the squad car of the Police along with its team from the Questura of Santa Chiara to Lido. A mode of transport that is embarrassing and that makes any planning for the security of the citizens of Lido di Venezia shaky at best.

Things have boiled over to the point that the FSP State Police Union of Venice cannot ignore the situation and must bring it to everyone’s attention. Since 2020 we have been reporting the problems of territorial control in Venice and the islands, and the Questore has failed to take any serious actions.

We are in the most complete disarray! We invite the citizens of Lido who feel abandoned and misled to report the dramatic situation by filing complaints to the Prefect of Venice, given that Questore Masciopinto is totally insensible and absent on this subject! And also on many others!

Responsibility for the situation goes back to the infamous reorganization of territorial control pushed in 2020 by the current Questore, who, not caring about the merciless numbers and the dramatic drop in availability of the patrols on the territory that this pseudo-reorganization has created, has wanted to realize it at all costs, and irresponsibly continues to pursue it! This, despite the firm opposition of FSP State Police, which has always opposed this kind of reorganization, which Venetians are today paying for in these dramatic consequences in terms of security.

The Provincial Secretary

FSP Polizia di Stato di Venezia

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