Sambo and Ruffini: “Brugnaro’s security policy has failed”

“It is clear that this administration’s security policies have turned out to be a failure, and unfortunately the city of Mestre has not only become the capital for drugs, but also for overdose deaths.”

Comments by Alessandro Ruffini – Security Manager for the PD Municipal Secretary and Monica Sambo, Municipal Secretary.

18 June 2022

The Questore (Police Chief) has said many times that mere repression is not sufficient to resolve the security problems in Mestre. Brugnaro’s policies have been in force for 7 years now, and the situation has not only not improved, but has considerably worsened.

Evidently this Administration, as well as the new councilor, does not understand that continuing to simplify the phenomenon rather than analyze in in all of its complexity and act accordingly means that the problem will never end. Growing numbers of areas of the city are experiencing decay and abandonment. In recent months there has been an increase in the number of cases of aggression linked to so-called “baby gangs”, causing considerable worry and concern among many parents and our families.

Is this the security Mayor Brugnaro has bragged about? Now more than ever, residents feel a sense of insecurity for themselves and their families, who have been completely abandoned by those who should guarantee services and policies dedicated to youth.

It is clear that this situation is also linked directly to the cuts in social services, street workers, prevention programs and educational policies aimed at youth.

What policies have actually been implemented in recent years? The situation on via Piave in Mestre is emblematic of the great failure of the Brugnaro Administration’s model for security. Clearly there can be no security without prevention services.

The dinner organized annually on via Piave by citizens’ associations is certainly an important moment for the community and for the whole city. However, the good will of the associations, to whom we owe our greatest thanks for their perseverance and presence in such a troubled area, is not sufficient – assistance and investment by the Municipality are also required.

Certainly stricter control measures are needed (police and cameras), but a strong prevention policy is also necessary. These types of social policies in Venice were once at the vanguard nationally. This Administration has caused this system to collapse, and Mestre has accordingly transformed into the national capital of overdose deaths.

Furthermore, the situation requires action that is centered around the involvement of the citizens, merchants and associations that can bring neighborhoods back to life. Security can only be achieved if coordinated policies are put in place that together address the problem from various angles. Otherwise it is just propaganda that is helping to increase the insecurity which has become so widespread in our city today.


Alessandro Ruffini – Responsabile Sicurezza Segreteria Comunale PD Venezia
Monica Sambo  – Segretaria Comunale PD Venezia

Source: PD Venezia

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