Crackdown on waves from taxi and boat traffic planned in Venice

The Committee for Public Order announces steps to combat motorboat waves (moto ondoso): more patrols, greater controls on weekends, tighter and more thorough checks of stopped boats, telelasers

8 June 2022

By Carlo Mion

VENEZIA. The Provincial Committee for Public Order and Safety plans a crackdown on moto ondoso. At least that is the hope. More patrols, greater controls on weekends, tighter and more thorough checks of stopped boats, tele-lasers purchased by the Municipality and made available to all the police forces. These are the salient points of the decisions made during the COSP meeting devoted to combating the motorboat waves.

The meeting took place in the wake of a Sunday in which the boaters and the water taxis transformed the lagoon into a water park with waves perfect for surfers. The widespread waves created considerable problems for the participants in the Vogalonga, who have not failed to complain.

The plan studies by the Prefecture and which will be coordinated by the Capitanieria di Porto will become operative next week. During the summer each police force will guarantee a patrol dedicated exclusively to combatting modo ondoso.

The majority of the operations will take place over the weekends, when the lagoon is traveled by hundreds of boaters, but taxis will not be excluded either. Then, when a boat is stopped for excessive speed, checks of the on-board equipment will be very meticulous. This risks considerably raising the fines for those who race around among the sandbanks and canals.

Here is a link to video of the waves from that day.

Source: La Nuova di Venezia e Mestre

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