Green light for the Bosco dello Sport. Entry fee delayed until January 2023.

283 million euro approved for the stadium, arena and educational area at Tessera, with one third financed by the State and the rest by the Municipality.

13 May 2022

The variation for the Municipality of Venice’s 2022-2024 budget has been approved: all of the amendments presented by the opposition were rejected, approved in City Council on Thursday with 22 votes in favor and 12 against. The resolution updates the urban planning document for the same triennial, the list of jobs for 2022 and the biannual plan for the acquisition of goods and services.

The addition to the administrative budget is equal to 265,566,080.26 euro, however, with this variation the figure is lower. The realization of the set of interventions related to the “Bosco dello Sport” was inserted among the public works in the budget for a total cost of 283 million, one-third financed by state contributions and two thirds at the expense of the administration. The resolution also postpones the entrance fee until 16 January 2023. Finally, taking into consideration the emergency underway in Ukraine, the variation provides a specific exemption from the tourist tax for hotels that offer hospitality to refugees.

Source: Venezia Today

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