In Venice everything is reopening, except the Civic Museums

With the Covid yellow zone visitors will return. Starting 3 February the Galleria Franchetti will open, then all the others. The Accademia Gallerie will open on the 8th. San Marco is ready too.

By Enrico Tantucci

28 January 2021

VENEZIA. Everything is reopening, except for the Civic Museums of Venice, per the unilateral “lock-out” until the beginning of April, already ordered by the Mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro due to the lack of tourists. The now imminent passage of the Veneto from orange zone to yellow zone (Covid levels) – if confirmed – will, in fact, allow the reopening of the main museum locations as soon as next week, with protocols already indicated by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage which will limit them to midweek days, in order to avoid weekend crowds.

The Civic Museums of Padova announced their reopening for Monday. So too the Civic Museums in Treviso, which will also be offering free entry. The Venice State Museums also announced that they will reopen next week, as confirmed by the director of the Veneto museum center, Daniele Ferrara.

“We will reopen all of our museums, although with different protocols”, confirmed Ferra, “and only for some days of the week. The Galleria Franchetti at the Ca’ d’Oro will open on Wednesday. So will Palazzo Grimani, for three days a week. The Museo Orientale and the Museo Archeologico will instead be available only by calling for a reservation, because they are within the complex which we share with the Civic Museums”.

The contrast, then, with the closed doors of the Venice Civic Museums is striking. “Venice confirms its choice to keep the employees of the Foundation on unemployment and to not open the Museums, making itself a candidate for the European capital of obscurantism. Like the Cgil and Uil”, declared Daniele Giordano and Mario Ragno, “we continue to think that the use of layoffs is illegitimate, that this choice goes against the conservation of our artistic and cultural heritage, and that the closing of the Foundation is making a true resumption of activity impossible; we are wasting a period that would be useful for rethinking and reviewing the activities of the Museums themselves”.

“Venice remains bound to is myopic choice to keep the museums and activities closed”, said the leader of the PD at Ca’ Farsetti, Monica Sambo. “The museums are an essential public service and as such their opening should not be tied only to use by tourists, because they are the heritage of Venice and the world. Why don’t the City and the Foundation, in this moment, open a debate in the city to rethink the function, including social, of the museums, as well as their relaunch in view of a quality resumption of tourism?”

“Always on the vanguard in cultural policies, in this period of its history the city is expressing a mediocre and regressive cultural policy, which denigrates the vocation and shows a myopic vision both culturally and economically”, commented the Verdi (Greens) councilor, Gianfranco Bettin.

Source: La Nuova Venezia

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