Plans for the 2021 Carnevale di Venezia forced to change: events will have fixed attendance or will stream

For the second year in a row Covid blocks the celebrations in the lagoon: this year a low profile is chosen

8 January 2021

By Eugenio Pendolini

VENEZIA. Covid is upsetting the 2021 Carnevale di Venezia. A year after the outbreak of the pandemic, which took its first steps into the city towards the end of the past edition, the traditional gathering will not be cancelled by will be completely reworked. It’s an inevitable decision made by the City and by the participating company Vela, given that the pandemic situation is anything but resolved, and that the light at the end of the tunnel is still a long way off. Goodbye to the lines of maschere in the calli and crowded events in piazza San Marco. The volo dell’Angelo remains unknown.

Instead streaming events will be organized, using theaters as settings, but not only. According to Vela, in fact, some events will also be hosted in the civic museums, which are at the center of a recent controversy after the decision to keep them closed until next April. In any case, the few confirmed events will be for very limited attendance.

Masks won’t be lacking, but mainly they’ll be the surgical/anti-contagion type. The City and Vela are currently thinking about how to reorganize the scheduling of programs, which will reach an end with Shrove Tuesday on 16 February.

What is certain is that there will be performances over streaming and broadcast in the entire municipal area. It’s possible, therefore, to have performances and activities between the city of water and Mestre. Also being studied is a specific program for the elementary schools, in order to involve the children while in this unfortunate year that is still deprived of the joys of company and celebrations.

In short, it will be a Carnevale that is predominantly remote, while waiting to return in 2022 to a packed piazza San Marco,and the city colorful with 18th century masks, music and shows. In the last year, meanwhile, the Covid emergency has forced the City to rework a large part of the planned public events.

With the only cancellation being the Salone Nautico, the virus has not prevented (in a reduced form) city events like the Festa della Sensa, with the marriage of the sea without the classic train of boats; and again the Regata Storica and Redentore, with confirmation of the religious ceremony but without the spectacle of fireworks in bacino San Marco. Identical measures, finally, for the Festa della Salute in November, without the candle lighting and the traditional candy stalls, but with the votive bridge and the religious ceremony with limited entrance.

The same destiny is in store for the 2021 Salone Nautico at Arsenale, already scheduled. And for the celebrations of the 1600th anniversary of Venice, for which the City is now thinking of a program of events spread out over twelve months, ending the year of celebrations on 25 March 2022. And don’t forget the Architecture Biennale in May and the G20 Economic Summit in July.


Source: La Nuova Venezia

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