Two projects to revive yacht and cruise ship traffic in Venice

4June2020Yacht Vtp

VTP plans on investing 11.8 million on five docks in the historic city to accommodate high end craft, and another 66 million to open passage on the Vittorio Emanuele canal to cruise ships.

[Ed. Note: some weeks ago we published a story about how the plan to excavate the canale Vittorio Emanuele III to open in for cruise ship transit to Marghera had been tied up in court for some time. Just about a week later the TAR ruled in VTP’s favor, which is what made this story possible.}

4 June 2020

There are new development projects related to yacht and cruise ship traffic in the works in Venice, respectively worth 11.8 and 66 million Euro. VTP, Venezia Terminal Passeggeri is funding the projects, which were presented in October 2019, and are now ready to be put up for bid.

The “VPT-Yacht” project calls for the management of the five docking facilities in the historic city (San Basilio/Santa Marta, Adriatica, Salute, San Biagio e Riva 7 Martiri) where they can host mega-yachts, and, only at the terminal of San Basilio, small luxury cruise ships. The company says that the plan is for “redevelopment of the entire city waterfront”, with investments in particular in the electrification of all the docking spaces at the piers of San Basilio and Santa Marta, and which “position the port of Venice as a destination of excellence in the Mediterranean” for luxury tourism. There has already been contact with three American, Europeans and Middle Eastern groups that are ready to invest in the lagoon.

The second project, “VTP-Cruise”, is dedicated to cruise ships and is connected to the moving cruise ships of greater than 40,000 tons of displacement from the current route of San Marco-Giudecca to the new one, through the canale dei Petroli and the Vitttorio Emanule III. The plan, says VTP, first and foremost requires “improvements to the canale Vittorio Emanuele III”, also including the improvement of some of the structures at the current Marittima station and “has a strong environmental value, with compensation work to re-establish the hydrologic equilibrium of the lagoon”.

Given that that it will take 4-5 years to complete these projects, VTP already had a temporary alternative solution for 2020: parking the biggest cruise ships at Marghera. On this subject there continues to be contact with the Minister of Infrastructure about putting this proposal into practice, transferring at least two or three ships each weekend to some of the unused piers at Marghera. The project calls for an immediate investment of 5 million Euro, which VTP has already made available for the modifications needed at the docks. For 2020 the issue is moot: the cruise ships are gone due to pandemic. “We were already prepared for the 2020 season – says the company – we have a little less than a year ahead to complete this project and be ready in 2021. We have the extraordinary opportunity to do it in a period of slowed (or absent) traffic due to the pandemic, so we’ll take advantage of this chance to make investments and look to the future of our city”.

Source: Venezia Today

2 thoughts on “Two projects to revive yacht and cruise ship traffic in Venice

  1. The thought of luxury yachts moored at various sites, especially the Salute and San Basilio, is awful. It takes away from the special ambience of the city. Venice should not become another Monte Carlo


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