Report on focus group project presents residents concerns in Venice and Mestre


The results of research done by candidate Martini together with sociologist Schiavon are presented. Among the points, the lack of skilled work and mass tourism

By Eugenio Pendolini

May 1, 2020

“Out of control construction is ugly, does harm and produces violence”. “Mestre and Marghera have potential but they must be developed. An industrial and cultural reconversion is required”. These are some of the many points of reflection on the future of the city that emerge from the research developed in the last few months by Giovanni Andrea Martini, candidate for Mayor with the list Tutta la Città Insieme, with sociologist Caterina Schiavon. It is a 360 degree snapshot, which is available online [Ed. in Italian only], which bares the sentiments of residents of all age groups concerning the strengths and weaknesses of Venice and Mestre, and their expectations for the future.

The work began last November, with the creation of numerous focus groups (each consisting of no more than ten people). A nostalgic and discouraged spirit among residents emerges from the brief interviews done in the field: for the young, the main sticking points are connected to work and housing. In the historic center, the main problems revolve around the tourist invasion and lack of available housing. On the mainland, the lack of skilled work as well as of gathering spaces (with the exception of Fort Marghera) and pollution (canals, air, industrial hub). “There is a widespread need”, explains Martini, “to reclaim and revitalize a territory which over time has lost its identity and that risks imploding into the clutches of a barren monoculture, along with the will to think of the city as an international laboratory capable of generating culture, work and well-being.

Source: La Nuova Venezia

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