84 million Euro to Venice for acqua granda damage restoration


The CDM clears the way for a further disbursement of 84,047,295 Euro to go directly for relief and assistance to the population.

14 February 2020

VENEZIA. “The Council of Ministers has released 84 million Euro for Venice. We are ready to distribute the first 6,916 reimbursements between individuals and businesses, in addition to another 37 million Euro in construction funds for restoration of the city. A concrete response, with teamwork!”. The funding was announced in a tweet by the Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro.

“The way has been cleared for a further disbursement of 84,047,295 Euro for the implementation of relief and assistance to the population, restoration of functionality to public services and strategic network infrastructure, management of refuse and debris, and the activation of the first economic measures of immediate relief to the social and economic fabric, directed to the population and the business and manufacturing activities in the area of the city of Venice who were affected by the meteorological  events that began on the day of 12 November 2019”.

This has been decided by the CDM, according to what can be read in the final communication.

The over 84 million Euro allocated by the Council of Ministers will be directed to restoration work: 37 million Euro for Agencies and Management of public services, and 47 million Euro for individuals and businesses, for the restoration of damages caused by the acqua alta of last 12 November.

Luigi Brugnaro, Mayor and Emergency Commissioner, clarifies this in a memo, specifying that this second disbursement follows the one for 20 million, decided upon by the government last 14 November at the same time as the declaration of emergency.

The data, Brugnaro specifies, “is taken from the 6,196 requests submitted via the electronic procedure, respectively 3,658 from individuals, for a total of 9,820,300 Euro, and 3,258 businesses for 37,133,319 Euro. For the first measures of immediate relief for the population and manufacturing, in fact, limits were set of 5,000 Euro for individuals and 20,000 for religious, business or manufacturing activities”.

The resources appropriated today will pay for restoration work in schools, institutional offices, museums, waterways of the historic city and the islands, the Metropolitan City, the Fenice, the City Museum and the Superintendent of Triveneto Public Works. “Now – concludes Brugnaro – we have to make sure that this money arrives in the pockets of Veneziani in the shortest time possible”.

-Source: La Nuova Venezia

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