In Venice, restaurants and bars replace closed banks


The Municipality: enough already. But the face of the city continues to change.

11 September 2019

VENEZIA. The face of the city continues to change at what seems to be an overwhelming pace. Hotels, stores selling merchandise for 1 Euro, and restaurants are the major activities that now characterize the city. For resident in the historic center it is increasingly difficult to feel welcome in a space that is no longer on the human scale, but the tourist scale, often day visitors.

Now the banks are also closing, a sign that there are enough blue outlets (Euronet Worldwide ATMs) for international withdrawals, as recently denounced by Municipality President Andrea Martini, who has sounded the alarm about this issue.

In recent days the new café is taking shape in the remains of a bank that is found in campiello Riccardo Selvatico, a famous Mayor of Venice. The windows are covered by paper, but you only need to take a peek inside and see the bar and the coffee machine to realize that this will be another tourist café, and it’s not the only new opening.

However, just like with the other hotels that have opened recently, the Administration’s response is that they were previously authorized.

One certainly feels some sadness when seeing some businesses close, such as the two offices of Busofonia, one in Campo San Lio and the other in Calle dei Stagneri, where the kindest operators would resolve any problem over the phone.

As President of the Municipality Martini has pointed out, the empire of tourism is also visible in the numerous baggage holds and in the many laundromats that can be found with increasing frequency in the city.

Among the other businesses that have closed, there is also the bank at Zattere – it is not yet known what this will become: it is likely to be turned into retail. Recently the Administration, in collaboration with the Superintendency, has discussed the proposal for a resolution to stop the opening of new food shops up to Rialto and the Marciana area. Only luxury and traditional stores would be allowed. However, there is no lack of controversy, given that the proposal allows souvenir shops to move in. The fact that the city has become a sort of one trade business is clear for all to see. In the coming days we’ll be seeing the design of the new countertops at Rialto and on Strada Nuova.


Source: La Nuova Venezia

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