“Brugnaro’s ‘Venice Model’? Negative.” A torrent of criticism for the Mayor


By Mitia Chiarin

15 August 2019

MESTRE. A chorus of criticisms from opposition parties and trade unions for the “Venice model”, held up by Luigi Brugnaro as a national formula. In an interview with our paper, the Mayor’s claim to be “without ties to a party”, about having involved “people who believe in work”, in meritocracy, and also in having services be managed by private interests, has unleashed a torrent of dissent in a city that is already in the midst of the electoral campaign for the city elections of 2020, all the more so with the crisis in the government. “More than a “Venice model”, it is a negative model: a disastrous project for security based only on repression, taking advantage of the legitimate fears and insecurities of the citizens; an urban project that totally ignores livability and respect for the environment; development based on the intensive exploitation of the historic city; participation has been eliminated, you need only think of the Municipality being deprived of all its delegates and of the citizens’ associations that have been dogged by absurd rules and treated as though they were businesses; chairmen and councilors of the majority without any autonomy; a Mayor who refuses dialog with the city he administrates”, points out PD city secretary Giorgio Dodi. The Venetian members of parliament from the PD also had thoughts about the Brugnaro model. “Instead of the Venice model, I call it the Venice disgrace: the general Italian political chaos”, commented deputy Nicola Pellicani, “has produced purely opportunistic people. First he was with Renzi, and then with Salvini – now the Mayor appears to be cooler to both. We will see. Meanwhile the city is at a halt, despite the shower of resources that came from the center-left governments”.

PD senator Andrea Ferrazzi spoke: “Flexible, according to some, opportunistic, according to others”, he attacked. “I will limit myself to noting the rapidity of his positioning: from a supporter of Renzi to the frantic rush to Salvini in the bat of an eyelash. And even now, the opening of the crisis in the government was enough to cool him towards the Lega. The “Venice Model” is rhetorical street chatter that has in fact brought the city to a halt while Milano, Bologna, and also Padua and Verona have taken off. It’s just announcements and more announcements with delays and more delays, without the courage to decide”.

Giovanni Andrea Martini, president of the Municipality of Venezia-Murano-Burano, is campaigning independently for mayor without the support of the PD. Brugnaro, he says, “has proven to be farther right than Salvini, pursuing a proprietor’s model for public services, insisting on eliminating institutions and services for the public good in favor of uncontrolled and unregulated privatization. A savage laissez-faire policy, steeped in a sense of sovereignty, with great populist rhetoric”.

Monica Sambo, minority leader in the City Council, reflected on privatization. “Services that at one time produced results of the highest quality, such as the preschools and kindergartens, the social policies for the streets, the libraries, the registry-protocol and URP branches – all today are in great difficulty, without strategies and lacking personnel. And after having created these inefficient situations their answer is to privatize”, she said. “It is clear that this administration intends from here on out to push more and more towards the privatization of public services. And they have already knowingly done so”.

The Public Service CGIL rushed to add: “These are very serious words that confirm that the person who should be organizing quality public services for the citizens is instead thinking of privatizing them”. Secretary Daniele Giordano says the statement is “in perfect harmony with the dismantling of services over the past few years, the reduction in personnel and the closing of the municipalities”. He added: “The CGIL will continue to fight for quality public services for all and to defeat an old and outdated idea that shows how Brugnaro is stuck in the politics of the right from the 1980s, which is no way can represent that change we need”.

Elena La Rocca, leader of the M5S also weighed in: “In five years he has not done anything, other than throw open the ports to private business, in contempt of the environment, services, sustainability and the future of our citizens. There is nothing new: nothing but ideas”.

Source: La Nuova Venezia

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