Cruise Ship Costa Deliziosa comes close to the bank and docked boats in the lagoon, in the middle of a storm: Video


The video of the passage of the ship along the canal, in the lagoon, despite the strong storm has stirred criticism and controversy. A vaporetto stopped between the gusts of wind while the giant ship passed close by, having difficulty in maneuvering, sounding its siren.

The cruise ship Costa Deliziosa crossed the canal despite the bad weather and the strong gusts of wind that whipped around Venice today, Sunday 7 July. What happened immediately raised controversy and strong reactions, also because, quite close to the cruise ship, a vaporetto was stopped in the middle of the storm. There was anxiety and fear about the ship’s maneuvering, which appeared to be having trouble close to the bank, causing fears of the worst. The president of the Port, Pino Musolino, has announced his intention to immediately launch an inquiry as to what happened.

The Port

Regarding the Costa Deliziosa’s leaving port this afternoon, in adverse weather and sea conditions, president Pino Musolino stated – we read in the institutional memo – “We reserve the right to quickly investigate to ascertain if the ship had received the necessary permissions and complied with the necessary inspections. We furthermore hold it to be necessary to organize as soon as possible a further joint meeting with the capitaneria di Porto to evaluate and eventually request the adoption of other measures to guarantee that naval traffic is conducted in full security for the citizens and the city”.

Strong criticism was also found on the Facebook page of Veneziamiofuturo venicemyfuture.

“Once again the city of Venice has risked another incident in the lagoon. A similar situation is no longer tolerable, sirens blowing from the Costa and difficulty in maneuvering near the bank and the vaporetti. The episode should be clarified immediately”, writes Monica Sambo of the PD.

Source: Venezia Today

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