The entry ticket for Venice is delayed by Trenitalia’s technical difficulties


The State Railway’s network is too big for a quick rollout. Brugnaro: “There’s no hurry”

27 March 2019

There will be delays in the rollout of the entry fee for the City of Venice: “We have a problem with the State Railway – explained Mayor Luigi Brugnaro – the technicians say that they can’t make a simpler ticket, because they have a very large commercial network”. The difficulty stems, in practice, from the fact that Trenitalia’s network is too vast to be able to make the charge for the entry fee functional in a short time. “We believe it’s appropriate to allow enough time for things to be done well, and we’re not in a hurry – added the Mayor – Since we are giving more time to Trenitalia it’s only fair that we give that time to all the operators so we don’t put anyone at a disadvantage”.

The message to tourists

Brugnaro reiterated that the purpose of the fee is not to “make money”. “The entry fee – he said – was a way for everyone to know that they need to respect the city, and it’s a goal we’ve now attained”. And he concluded: “We don’t need any help with the budget; the problem is that everyone who visits needs to do so with decorum, and to understand that Venice is not a playground – that you can’t camp in the streets, that there are people living here, there are children who go to school. They need to visit with dignity, show respect for the city and they too will be shown great respect”.

Source: Venezia Today

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