“Venezia per Rialto” today; words and music in the Pescheria

Venezia per Rialto
At 16:00 associations and citizens are invited to participate in a day dedicated to the Fish Market.

By Vera Mantengoli

VENEZIA. A fish and a lion to support Venice and Venetians.

Today Rialto returns for one day to being the major center of the city with the event Venezia per Rialto, an initiative promoted by the owners of the fish stands who are in a moment of crisis. The day, however, will not be a sign of sadness, but of participation and sharing. In fact, groups and associations will be participating who in the past and up to the present have contributed to keeping the market alive, a market which is at the heart of Venetian history: Ground Zero (musical group), Gruppo 25 Aprile, Venessia.com, WSM Cultural Association, and the Citizens’ Committee of Campo Rialto Nuovo and neighbors.

The time is set for 16:00 in the Pescheria for an afternoon of “words and music in support of the Market of Rialto and traditional businesses”. The actor Alessandro Bressanello, with Ground Zero and other guests will be the hosts, but there will also be citizens who have recently contributed to spreading the message to go and buy fish in the Pescheria. The crisis underway in the Fish Market was first brought to light in La Nuova Venezia last August, when we reported on the sale of two fish stands via a real estate agency for only 20,000 Euro each, a tiny sum compared to the prices in the 1980s. The business owners confirmed that there is a crisis in progress, but they expressed a desire to have a dialog with the City in order to propose initiative, such as exhibits or others, with the object of making the Pescheria a place visited more often, as it was in the past and as we hope it will be in the future.

Source: La Nuova Venezia, 23 September 2018

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