CFLV marks two years online.


The Campaign for a Living Venice was launched two years ago, Labor Day weekend 2016, with these words:

“Citizens of Venice, we are with you in heart and spirit. It is our fervent desire that Venetian citizens and the local, regional and national governments can come together and forge a sustainable present and viable future for the city and its people. Meanwhile, we, who know and love your great city from afar, will focus our hopes and energies in support of that better future.”

CFLV started as a statement, but quickly grew in to what it remains today – an ongoing effort to bring the latest news in Venice to a global audience via English translations. In whatever form the Campaign takes, the above words are still the heart of this effort. We could not have made it this far without your support, dear readers, and for that we thank  you.

Moving in to this next year, we have only one request of you – please share what you read here and on our Facebook page with everyone you know who cares about Venice. Your ongoing support helps distribute the news around the globe, and we fervently hope that will help grow international pressure for change in the policies that are currently transforming the city into a theme park.

Un grazie di cuore a tutti voi – a heartfelt thanks to all of you. Onward!

-Paul Rosenberg

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