“We are exasperated, tired of being treated like a burden: the Mayor should listen to us”

polizia municipale locale venezia san marco piazza vigili-2
This is the most recent protest by some business owners, several days ago in Campo San Maurizio, a result of tension with agents of the Municipality. “We feel that we are being targeted, while the criminals escape”

“We are tired of being treated like a burden by those who would eliminate the last residents. We live with daily abuse from the Mayor and the Administration. They say that without residents the city is nothing! However they are making life here impossible”. This is the most recent appeal to the Mayor by a group of Venetian merchants, after an incident several days ago in Campo San Maurizio, involving several business owners and agents of the Municipality, further raised tensions.


This would seem, however, to be just one episode among others, which has some citizens pointing their fingers. “From docking a boat – recounts a resident – to navigating the canals, we have only problems. If I want a docking spot for a boat I cannot have one, because I have to have a boat, however in order to have a boat I am required to have a place to put it. It seems like persecution against those who every day resist leaving Venice”.


“We have pickpockets, beggars, indigents who enter a museum and dress up, staking out a post to fool tourists and shake them down for money – said another store owner -. We have called the police many times to report these incidents, but we are never listened to, and if they do pass by they take issue with the residents. There is a disparity in treatment between us, who pay taxes, and the tourists and irregulars here in Venice. We have had the courage to raise our heads and voices about this, and many of our fellow citizens support us in this. The administration says that there is a shortage of personnel in the local police, then they employ Municipal agents to control and fine the residents, instead of dealing with the emergencies in the City. Now it is enough”.

Source: Venezia Today, 23 August 2018

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